Lemon Yogurt Cake


So a few weeks ago, I inexplicably bought seven or eight lemons from Whole Foods. They weren’t on sale or anything, I just saw them and on an impulse, bought a whole mesh bag of them. I am proud to say that today, I have finally used up the last two. Thank god lemons have a freakishly long shelf life.

For a while, I felt terrible, thinking that because of my impulse, these poor innocent lemons would go to waste. But instead, my split-second decision resulted in a delicious lemon cake. As I was sampling the first slice, I began to wonder why I often condemn impulsivity and so highly value planning and organizing.

On the spectrum of thinking to feeling, I’ve always tested more in the thinking category. I like to do my research, whether it’s headphones, restaurants, or papers. Case in point, I spent three days researching headphones under $30. Three days for a pair of cheap headphones.

For me, impulsivity is freedom. For a brief moment, I can act simply because I want something. I can buy eight goddamned lemons if I so please, and I can be content with my choice. Recently, a couple of economists published an article on “choice closure,” essentially where second guessing leaves a consumer less satisfied with their choice. I over think in part because I’m scared of being impulsive. I’m scared of making the wrong choice.

But I don’t need economics to know that sometimes the right answer simply is the easiest one, the gut feeling.

You know that saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade?” Well, the good news is, life never only gives you lemons. It gives you sugar too. So you can mix them together, move forward, and maybe instead of making lemonade, you can instead try making this delicious lemon yogurt cake. Keep it creative. Keep it impulsive.

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