Peach Treats: Mason Jar Edition


So I’m pretty sure I’m way behind the trend on this one, so behind that Mason jar confections are probably out of the florally trendy garden party scene and have now moved into the pages of the Martha Stewart magazine and onto the tables of parties hosted by the middle-aged. Thank god children will be children and always want big cakes – making something similar to that which parents make for their kids – now that’s a generational jump I’m not ready to commit to just quite yet.

I have always wanted to make a Mason jar dessert – a dessert focused on portability and durability. For a while I entertained dreams of decorating grandeur, where I would become the master of fondants and beautiful cupcake frosting, but alas, I quickly realized that I just don’t care enough. It all looks the same in my stomach anyways, right? I have instead aimed for delicious flavors and interesting textures and subpar to decent presentation. But Mason jar desserts? They’re the perfect marriage (ew, marriage) of practicality and adorableness. Especially desserts, where each different, delectable layer is displayed enclosed in glass, the color of the fruit component elevated by the shine of the glass, like a more decadent and probably much-less-healthy parfait (at least the American version, granola and yogurt. Apparently, Europeans know how to do it right and make it a proper dessert).

It’s ironic on many levels that the person who inspired me to finally take on this project was my professor, who is in her mid-fifties and is an incredibly healthy person who teaches a class about consumption which technically touches on different aspects of consumption, from fashion to food, but really just teaches us that organic local non-GMO food is the way to go. I absolutely loved her class (I actually did all the readings!) and wished only for the billionth time that I’d gone with my gut and majored in History. Sadly, today was the last class, and as a parting gift, she brought in strawberry shortcakes in Mason jars. Even she commented on the fact that they’re no longer in style (then again, she does teach a class on consumption habits, so she’s sort of an expert in these matters). But whatever, they don’t need to be in the height of fashion to be absolutely delicious.

(Peach Treats Pt. 1 is also delicious! Check it out for another easily portable and equally delicious recipe.)

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Peach Treats

IMG_1438Have you ever woken up and discovered two cats in your living room?

Well, that’s how my Thursday began. I’ve never really been an animal person, not because I don’t love animals, but because I’ve had…bad experiences. It started out with Flopsy-Mopsy-Cottontail, my adorable little bunny. Apparently if you keep offering a bunny food, it will continue to eat, even after it has become completely satiated. Alas, six-year-old me thought I would help out by feeding the bunny…and I fed it to death. After that, we tried again with a hamster, but alas, he escaped his cage and burrowed into the floor in our basement, never to be seen again. After these two incidents, my family realized animals kind of hate us, and now, we just have fish in a pond outside. We throw them some food and they swim around and look pretty. It’s the perfect noncommittal pet-owner relationship for my family.

Our monstrously huge koi.

Our monstrously huge koi, battling for dinner.

So clearly, I do love animals, but these two cats, perhaps sensing that my love tends to kill, have done a fairly good job of avoiding my advances. I’m doing my best to redeem myself, but just today, I found myself falling back on old habits, a.k.a. trying to win them over with food. (Let’s be real, I apply that strategy to all animals that I encounter, humans included.) The kitten, still innocent and trusting, accepted the food happily. However, Blow, the momma cat, saw that accepting the food would only lead to trouble, and staunchly ignored my outstretched hand. Despite this inauspicious beginning, I’m determined to get pet ownership right this time around for Flopsy-Mopsy-Cottontail, may he rest in peace. For now, I content myself with stroking the cats as they run away from me.

Mo, the newest addition to our household.

Mo, the newest addition to our household.

And on that note, here’s a fantastic and easy recipe for toffee-dimpled peach cake. If you’re looking to buy love with sweets, this is the recipe you’ve been looking for. The sweet peaches, the slightly spiced cake base, the crunch of the toffee – it’s just the perfect combination of flavors and textures. I made it not even 24 hours ago and it has already been completely consumed, with rave reviews. Just…try not to overfeed anyone.That cause of death would just be embarrassingly tragic for all involved.

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