I’m 22 years old and a recent grad living in Philly, my hometown and arguably the best city on the East Coast. I say arguably because I will argue with anyone who disagrees.

My school’s mascot is an elephant, which is also pretty representative of me, since I never forget and I never forgive.

Just kidding. But I do have a pretty darn good memory ;)

One of my first food memories involves me and my cousins outside, grabbing random greenery (juniper, Japanese maple leaves, etc.) and mashing it against a volcanic rock. We believed we were creating an herbal panacea. In reality, whatever we made tasted sharp and bitter. The texture was nice and crunchy, thanks to the pulverized pumice.

Suffice to say, I’ll probably never do a raw food diet.

After that, I turned to more conventional forms of food, dragged by my dad into our backyard vegetable plot, dragged by my great-aunt to help her make jiaozi and baozi and other strange Chinese dishes involving an unfortunately copious amount of steamed cabbage.

Then somewhere in my late teens, I began to enter the kitchen on my own volition as I fell into a sinful and unhealthy but oh-so-satisfying relationship with baking. Recently, I’ve started to try my hand at gardening and at cooking, experiencing firsthand the farm-to-table phenomenon that seems to be sweeping the restaurant scene. One of the most rewarding experiences of my life has been making a dinner for my friends using vegetables that I planted, grew, and harvested.

I’ve always thought about starting a blog, then this summer, when my friend jokingly told people I had a cupcake blog, I began to seriously consider actually making his joke a reality. And 3 months later, with some encouragement and outright prodding from my friends, I finally went for it.

-Stefanie Y.


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