It is 1AM and I am…

…creating a food blog.

There’s been, as one of my friends put it, a few “paradigm shifts” in just the last 20 days.

First of all, I’m living in apartment style housing and most of my friends are living off-campus. That means we all finally finally have kitchens. It’s glorious.

Secondly, I’ve recently been replaying Awolnation – “It’s Not Your Fault” and rediscovering an old favorite, Shiny Toy Guns – “Chemistry of a Car Crash.” My favorite song from the new Killers album currently is “The Way It Was.” Infer what you will.

And finally, the piano is re-entering my life. I took a two-year hiatus after almost applying to music conservatory, but I’m back now and ready to take on Brahms and Liszt and Chopin and wait, how do you play a scale again..?

It’s going to be a different year. And trust me when I say, it’s going to be a fantastic one.


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